Creating 100 Demons: Part 2

I remember my first visit to see Kodo. Their performance was full of energy and beauty, and executed meticulously, even down to the group’s entry onto the stage. All the while, the seriousness of their art and musical abilities was offset by theatrical, often comical, moments that provided the show with a sense of balance. … Continued

100 Demons Premiere

Manchester Collective will be premiering Daniel’s new composition, 100 Demons, in three venues across the North of England on 1st-3rd March 2018. The new work features as part of an incredible programme of new music curated and performed by Manchester Collective. Be sure to book your tickets.

Creating 100 Demons: Part 1

Our perception of societal reality should have undergone a dramatic change in the past 24 months. Through the exposed inner mechanisms of political campaigns, obvious influence of national sentiment through biased media coverage, or blatant infringements of laws by those who created them, we, as a society of human beings, have been exposed to many … Continued